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Deploying Microservices with Kubernetes.

Hello Friends, today I am going to examining how to deploy a spring boot microservice on minikube. There are several good articles is already exist but they are scattered in many articles. I am trying to put all those knowledge in a single bucket to understand quickly and easily.

👉 Prerequisites

Try your hand setup in a minikube environment :

🍫Chocolatey: Chocolatey is an excellent tool to help us install/uninstall windows packages…

Spring cloud Netflix Part-1 (Service Registry)
The magic behind Micro-Service Architecture


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Today I am going to explore one of the most interesting concepts in Microservices architecture Is the Service Registry with the help of OSS Netflix. The Team of Netflix are designed various components for building strong distributed Microservice architecture ‘Eureka’ is one of them.
Before going to explore Eureka first try to understand What is Spring cloud Netflix❓

Spring cloud Netflix

I have brake Spring cloud Netflix into two parts for simplifying concept. 👉 Spring cloud is built on Spring Boot by providing the bunch…

Functional Interface with Lambda Expression.

Hello JAVA 8 Developers !!!

Today I am going to talk about Functional Interface with lambdas Expressions. I have gone through many articles about functional Interface and lambdas expression. Its just talks about function Interface Is a Interface having SAM , default and some static methods. So that’s It ? Does Functional Interface only limited for this? No! It’s more than what we are thinking. Lets explore and some interesting things which are associated with functional Interface with real time example in more casual way.

First try to understand how the Functional Interface is associated with the lambda expression, with…

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